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Tian-Lu Cheng, PhD

Vice President, Office of Research and Development, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Chair Professor, Department of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Director, Center for Biomarkers and Biotech Drugs, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Office of Research and Development
Phone: 886-7-3121101 ext. 2300
Fax: 886-7-3223170

Department of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology
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Fax: 886-7-3227508

Address: No.100, Shih-Chuan 1st Road, Kaohsiung, 80708, Taiwan




Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Life Science, Academia Sinica and National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan


M.S., Microbiology and Immunology, National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan


B.S., Medical Technology, Kaohsiung Medical College, Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Vice President, Office of Research of Development, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Chair Professor, Department of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology , Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Dean, College of Life Science, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Vice Dean, College of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Distinguished Professor, Department of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology , Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Director, Graduate Institute of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Director, Center for Biomarkers and Biotech Drugs, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Dean, Office for Opereation of Industry-University Cooperation, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Chairman, Center for Promotion of Industry-University Cooperation, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Chairman, Department of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology , Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Professor, Department of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology , Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Research-Division Leader, College of Life Science, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Division Leader, Biomed-Innovation Incubation Center, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Associate Professor, Faculty of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Division Leader, MedicoGenomic Research Center, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Division Leader, College of Life Science, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Postdoctor, Cancer Group, NHRI


Immunology, Cancer biology, Biology, Biomedical journal club


Humanized Antibody Engineering, Functional Molecular Imaging, Tumor Immunology, Gene Therapy, Functional Genomics, Protein/Antibody Drugs


2017 Publications

1.  Chang CJ, Chen CH, Chen BM, Su YC, Chen YT, Hershfield MS, Lee MM, Cheng TL, Chen YT, Roffler SR, Wu JY. A genome-wide association study identifies a novel susceptibility locus for the immunogenicity of polyethylene glycol. Nat Commun. 2017 Sep 12;8(1):522. 2016 IF=12.124 (3/64=4.7%) in MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES

2.  Chen IJ, Chuang CH, Hsieh YC, Lu YC, Lin WW, Huang CC, Cheng TC, Cheng YA, Cheng KW, Wang YT, Chen FM, Cheng TL*, Tzou SC. Selective antibody activation through protease-activated pro-antibodies that mask binding sites with inhibitory domains. Sci Rep. 2017 Sep 14;7(1):11587. 2016 IF: 4.259 (10/64=15.6%); MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES

3.  Su YC, Burnouf PA, Chuang KH, Chen BM, Cheng TL*, Roffler SR*. Conditional internalization of PEGylated nanomedicines by PEG engagers for triple negative breast cancer therapy. Nat Commun. 2017 Jun 8;8:15507. doi: 10.1038/ncomms15507. 2016 IF=12.124 (3/64=4.7%) in MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES

4.  Lin WW, Cheng YA, Kao CH, Roffler SR, Lee YC, Chen BM, Hsieh YC, Chen IJ, Huang BC, Wang YT, Tung YC, Huang MY, Chen FM, Cheng TL*. Enhancement Effect of a Variable Topology of a Membrane-Tethered Anti-Poly(ethylene glycol) Antibody on the Sensitivity for Quantifying PEG and PEGylated Molecules. Anal Chem. 2017 Jun 6;89(11):6082-6090. 2016IF: 6.32 (4/76=5.3%) in CHEMISTRY, ANALYTICAL

5.  Cheng KW, Tseng CH, Yang CN, Tzeng CC, Cheng TC, Leu YL, Chuang YC, Wang JY, Lu YC, Chen YL*, Cheng TL*.Specific Inhibition of Bacterial β-Glucuronidase by Pyrazolo[4,3-c]quinoline Derivatives via a pH-Dependent Manner To Suppress Chemotherapy-Induced Intestinal Toxicity. J Med Chem. 2017 Nov 22;60(22):9222-9238. 2016 IF: 6.259

6.  Chuang, CH; Wu, PC; Tsai, TH; Fang, YP; Tsai, YH; Cheng, TC; Huang, CC; Huang, MY; Chen, FM; Hsieh, YC; Lin, WW; Tsai, MJ*; Cheng, TL*. Development of pH-Sensitive Cationic PEGylated Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Selective Cancer-Targeted Therapy. J Biomed Nanotechnol. 2017, Volume 13, Number 2, February pp. 192-203(12). 2016 IF: 4.521(7/33=21.2%) in MATERIALS SCIENCE, BIOMATERIALS

7.  Tsai CH, Hsieh PW, Lee YC, Wang CH, Chiu WC, Lu CW, Wang YY, Hu SC, Cheng TL, Yuan SF 3'-Hydroxy-4'-methoxy-β-methyl-β-nitrostyrene inhibits tumor growth through ROS generation and GSH depletion in lung cancer cells. Life Sci. 2017 Mar 1;172:19-262016 IF: 2.936 (45/128=35.2%) in MEDICINE, RESEARCH & EXPERIMENTAL

8.  Ma CJ, Huang CW, Yeh YS, Tsai HL, Hu HM, Wu IC, Cheng TL, Wang JY;  Regorafenib Plus FOLFIRI With Irinotecan Dose Escalated According to Uridine Diphosphate Glucuronosyltransferase 1A1 Genotyping in Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer. Oncol Res. 2017 May 24;25(5):673-679. 2016 IF: 1.74 (169/217=77.9%) in ONCOLOGY

9.  Chang YT, Yeh YS, Ma CJ, Huang CW, Tsai HL, Huang MY, Cheng TL, Wang JY.Optimization of a multigene biochip for detection of relapsed and early relapsed colorectal cancer. J Surg Res. 2017 Dec;220:427-437. 2016 IF=2.187(77/197=39.1%) in SURGERY

2016 Publications

10. Wang YT, Cheng TLRefined models of New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-1 with inhibitors: an QM/MM modeling study. J Biomol Struct Dyn. 2016 Oct;34(10):2214-23. 2016 IF=3.123 (25/73=34.2%) in BIOPHYSICS

11. Chang YT, Huang MY, Yeh YS, Huang CW, Tsai HL, Cheng TL, Wang JY. A Prospective Study of Comparing Multi-Gene Biomarker Chip and Serum Carcinoembryonic Antigen in the Postoperative Surveillance for Patients with Stage I-III Colorectal Cancer. PLoS One. 2016 Oct 4;11(10):e0163264 2016 IF=2.806 (15/64=23.4%) in MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES

12. Lin WW, Hsieh YC, Cheng YA, Chuang KH, Huang CC, Chuang CH, Chen IJ, Cheng KW, Lu YC, Cheng TC, Wang YT, Roffler SR*, Cheng TL*. Optimization of an Anti-poly(ethylene glycol) (anti-PEG) Cell-Based Capture System To Quantify PEG and PEGylated Molecules. Anal Chem. 2016 Dec 20;88(24):12371-12379. 2016 IF: 6.32 (4/76=5.3%) in CHEMISTRY, ANALYTICAL

13. Hsieh YC, Cheng TC, Wang HE, Li JJ, Lin WW, Huang CC, Chuang CH, Wang YT, Wang JY, Roffler SR, Chuang KH, Cheng TL*. Using anti-poly(ethylene glycol) bioparticles for the quantitation of PEGylated nanoparticles. Sci Rep. 2016 Dec 19;6:39119. doi: 10.1038/srep39119.2016 IF: 4.259 (10/64=15.6%); MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES

14. Hsieh YJ, Tseng SP, Kuo YH, Cheng TL, Chiang CY, Tzeng YM, Tsai WC. Ovatodiolide of Anisomeles indica Exerts the Anticancer Potential on Pancreatic Cancer Cell Lines through STAT3 and NF-κB Regulation. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2016;2016:8680372. 2016 IF=1.74 (10/26=38.5%) in INTEGRATIVE & COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE

15. Chen BM, Su YC, Chang CJ, Burnouf PA, Chuang KH, Chen CH, Cheng TL, Chen YT, Wu JY, Roffler SR. Measurement of Pre-Existing IgG and IgM Antibodies against Polyethylene Glycol in Healthy Individuals. Anal Chem. 2016 Nov 1;88(21):10661-10666. 2016 IF: 6.32 (4/76=5.3%) in CHEMISTRY, ANALYTICAL

16. Lin WW, Chen IJ, Cheng TC, Tung YC, Chu PY, Chuang CH, Hsieh YC, Huang CC, Wang YT, Kao CH, Roffler SR,Cheng TL*.A Secondary Antibody-Detecting Molecular Weight Marker with Mouse and Rabbit IgG Fc Linear Epitopes for Western Blot Analysis. PLoS One. 2016 Aug 5;11(8):e0160418. 2016 IF=2.806 (15/64=23.4%) in MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES

17. Huang WC, Burnouf PA, Su YC, Chen BM, Chuang KH, Lee CW, Wei PK, Cheng TL*, Roffler SR*Engineering Chimeric Receptors To Investigate the Size- and Rigidity-Dependent Interaction of PEGylated Nanoparticles with Cells.ACS Nano. 2016 Jan 26;10(1):648-62.  2016 IF= 13.942 (9/275=3.3 %) in MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY

18. Prijovich ZM, Burnouf PA, Chou HC, Huang PT, Chen KC, Cheng TL, Leu YL, Roffler SR. Synthesis and Antitumor Properties of BQC-Glucuronide, a Camptothecin Prodrug for Selective Tumor Activation. Mol Pharm. 2016 Apr 4;13(4):1242-50. 2016 IF= 4.44 (32/257=12.5%) in PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY

2015 Publications

19. Huang CC, Kuo KK, Cheng TC, Chuang CH, Kao CH, Hsieh YC, Cheng KH, Wang JY, Cheng CM, Chen CS, Cheng TL*. Development of Membrane-Bound GM-CSF and IL-18 as an Effective Tumor Vaccine. PLoS One. 2015 Jul 17;10(7):2016 IF=2.806 (15/64=23.4%) in MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES

20. Cheng TC, Pan CH, Chen CS, Chuang KH, Chuang CH, Huang CC, Chu YY, Yang YC, Chu PY, Kao CH, Hsieh YC, Cheng TL*Direct coating of culture medium from cells secreting classical swine fever virus E2 antigen on ELISA plates for detection of E2-specific antibodies. Vet J. 2015 Jul;205(1):107-9. 2016 IF=1.802 (21/136=15.4% in VETERINARY SCIENCES)

21. Tung HY, Su YC, Chen BM, Burnouf PA, Huang WC, Chuang KH, Yan YT, Cheng TL*, Roffler SR. Selective Delivery of PEGylated Compounds to Tumor Cells by Anti-PEG Hybrid Antibodies. Mol Cancer Ther. 2015 Jun;14(6):1317-26. 2016IF=5.764 (36/217=16.6%) in ONCOLOGY

22. Cheng TC, Chuang KH, Roffler SR, Cheng KW, Leu YL, Chuang CH, Huang CC, Kao CH, Hsieh YC, Chang LS, Cheng TL*, Chen CS*. Discovery of specific inhibitors for intestinal E. coli  β-glucuronidase through in silico virtual screening. ScientificWorldJournal.2015;2015:740815. doi: 10.1155/2015/740815. Epub 2015 Mar 9. 2013 IF=1.219(16/55=29.1%) in MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES

23. Hsieh YT, Chen KC, Cheng CM, Cheng TL, Tao MH, Roffler SR. Impediments to Enhancement of CPT-11 Anticancer Activity by E. coli Directed Beta-Glucuronidase Therapy. PLoS One. 2015 Feb 17;10(2):e0118028. 2016 IF=2.806(15/64=23.4%) in MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES

24. Changchien JJ, Chen YJ, Huang CH, Cheng TL, Lin SR, Chang LS. Quinacrine induces apoptosis in human leukemia K562 cells via p38 MAPK-elicited BCL2 down-regulation and suppression of ERK/c-Jun-mediated BCL2L1 expression.Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2015 Apr 1;284(1):33-41 2016 IF=3.791 (15/92=16.3%) in TOXICOLOGY

2014 Publications

25. Wang YTLu CYHour TCCheng TL.Inhibitor and substrate binding by New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-1: a molecular dynamics studies.Curr Comput Aided Drug Des. 2014;10(3):197-204. 2016 IF=0.732 (96/105=91.4%) in COMPUTER SCIENCE, INTERDISCIPLINARY APPLICATIONS

26. Su YC, Cheng TC, Leu YL, Roffler SR, Wang JY, Chuang CH, Kao CH, Chen KC, Wang HE, Cheng TL*. PET Imaging of β-Glucuronidase Activity by an Activity-Based 124I-Trapping Probe for the Personalized Glucuronide Prodrug Targeted Therapy. Mol Cancer Ther. 2014 Dec;13(12):2852-63. 2016 IF=5.764 (36/217=16.6%) in ONCOLOGY

27. Chien-Han Kao, Jaw-Yuan Wang, Kuo-Hsiang Chuang, Chih-Hung Chuang, Ta-Chun Cheng, Yuan-Chin Hsieh, Yun-long Tseng, Bing-Mae Chen, Steve R. Roffler, Tian-Lu Cheng*. One-step mixing with humanized anti-mPEG bispecific antibody enhances tumor accumulation and therapeutic efficacy of mPEGylated nanoparticles. Biomaterials. 2014 Dec;35(37):9930-40. 2016 IF=8.402 (1/33=3%) in MATERIALS SCIENCE, BIOMATERIALS

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2013 publications

35. Cheng TC, Chuang KH, Chen M, Wang HE, Tzou SC, Su YC, Chuang CH, Kao CH, Chen BM, Chang LS, Roffler SR,Cheng TL*Sensitivity of PEGylated interferon detection by anti-polyethylene glycol (PEG) antibodies depends on PEG length. Bioconjug Chem.  2013 Aug 21;24(8):1408-13. 2016 IF=4.818 (10/78=12.8%) in BIOCHEMICAL RESEARCH METHODS

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38. Cheng CM, Chen FM, Lu YL, Tzou SC, Wang JY, Kao CH, Liao KW, Cheng TC, Chuang CH, Chen BM, Roffler S,Cheng TL*Expression of β-glucuronidase on the surface of bacteria enhances activation of glucuronide prodrugs. Cancer Gene Ther. 2013 May;20(5):276-81. 2016 IF=3.652 (40/160=25%) in BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY.

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2012 publications

41. Chen SHKuo YTSingh GCheng TLSu YZWang TPChiu YYLai JJChang CCJaw TSTzou SCLiu GC,Wang YM. Development of a Gd(III)-Based Receptor-Induced Magnetization Enhancement (RIME) Contrast Agent for β-Glucuronidase Activity Profiling.Inorg Chem. 2012 Nov 1. [Epub ahead of print]2016 IF=4.857 (4/46=8.69%) in CHEMISTRY, INORGANIC & NUCLEAR

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2011 publications

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2010 publications

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