Student publishes research achievements on academic journals, including SCI, SSCI, EI, A&HCI, THCI or TSSCI journals, can apply up to 15,000 NTD award for each paper.


According to school regulation, student must meet the following requirements to apply the publication award:

1   Student is the first author of the paper.

2   KMU faculty is the corresponding author of the paper.

3   Student should list KMU and enrolled department as the first affiliation.

4   Paper is submitted before graduation.

5   Paper is accepted before two years after graduation.

6   Paper is published on SCISSCIEIA&HCITCHcore-THCI or TCIcore-TSSCI journals.

7   Listed affiliations should comply with the Ministry of Education regulations (e.g. Taiwan, China is not acceptable).

8   PhD student must first fulfill papers required for graduation, then is eligible to apply the award; paper required for graduation given 10% of the award, others given 100% of the award. 



Journal Index


(original article)




NTD. 15,000

original article * 1.0; review, communication, brief report, letter * 0.7; case report, letter to editor, comment * 0.5


NTD. 15,000

Rank 10%~30%

NTD. 10,000

Rank 30%~60%

NTD. 5,000

Rank 60%~

NTD. 2,500



NTD. 2,500



To apply, please submit the following documents:

1  Application form. (CHEN)

2  Paper.

3  Print-out of online Registration:

4  Copy of Journal Citation Report (showing the latest Impact Factor and Rank) or relevant Journal Index.

5  Copy of student ID.

6  Copy of bank book (Chang-Hwa Bank or Chunghwa Post).


Contact: Ms. Yu-Chun Liu,