Student publishes research achievements on academic journals, including SCIE, SSCI, EI, A&HCI, THCI, or TSSCI journals, can apply up to 15,000 NTD award for each paper.


According to school regulation, students must meet the following requirements to apply for the publication award:

1   Student is the first author of the paper.

2   KMU faculty is the corresponding author of the paper.

3   Student should list KMU and enrolled department as the first affiliation.

4   Paper is submitted before graduation.

5   Paper is accepted no longer than two years after graduation.

6   Paper is published on SCIESSCIEIA&HCITCHcore-THCI or TCIcore-TSSCI journals.

7   Paper is formally published and has volume, issue, page number, or article number.

8   Listed affiliations should comply with the Ministry of Education regulations (e.g. Taiwan, China is not acceptable).

9   PhD student must first fulfill papers required for graduation, then is eligible to apply for the award; papers required for graduation given 10% of the award, others given 100% of the award. 



Journal Index


(original article)

Article Type



NTD. 15,000

original article * 1.0
review * 0.7
communication * 0.7
brief report * 0.7
letter * 0.7
case report * 0.5
letter to editor * 0.5
comment * 0.5


NTD. 15,000

Rank 10%~30%

NTD. 10,000

Rank 30%~60%

NTD. 5,000

Rank 60%~

NTD. 2,500



NTD. 2,500



To apply, please submit the following documents:

1  Application Form. (CHEN)

2  Paper.

3  Print-out of Online Registration:**

4  Copy of Journal Citation Report (showing the latest Impact Factor and Rank) or relevant Journal Index.

5  Copy of student ID (Current Student) or Diploma (Graduate).

6  Copy of bank book (Chang-Hwa Bank or Chunghwa Post).


** To Register paper: (1) Ask your instructor to registered the paper at T.3.0.04. (2) Go to D.7.01, use the author's name to search the paper. (3) Add the student author's information to the paper (in the lower part of the page). (4) Print out the page. Graduate can omit step (2) and (3). If you tried, but still have problems getting this, please make sure your instructor has already completed T.3.0.04 registration, then R&D is willing to help you with D.7.01.


The application form should be signed by the student, instructor, director, and dean before it is submitted to the R&D Office (Li-Hsueh Building 3F).


Contact: Ms. Yu-Chun Liu,